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    July 30, 2018, 2:38 p.m.


    I was banned about a year ago for some bs reason. I was in a city fighting, having a damn good time. One of your admins rolls up on me and starts lighting me up with an m4a1 or something.

    Apparently! My character had no weapon in his hand, or his weapon was down? I was banned simply for not recording my gameplay, proving that I was not hacking. Personally, I think this admin just had a problem with me, as he also had 2-3 of my friends banned without warning FOR NO REAL REASON.

    I followed up with this admin on discord about 6 months after being banned, requesting that I be unbanned. He said that I would be unbanned when the owner or another admin returned from vacation or something?

    Anyways....now we're here to today....

    Could you please just unban me? I SERIOUSLY did not even do anything wrong. I was just playing and enjoying the game, when your admin rolled up, recorded me, accused me of hacking, and had me banned. (I don't even know how to hack in Dayz, nor would I want to. 1. where the hell is the fun in that...? 2. who the hell wants to have to buy this game again?