What is Good vs. Evil?

Good vs. Evil is a fast growing gaming community focused on competitive player vs. player (PvP) for Boehmia Interactive's award-winning DayZ survivial game.

We currently have a competitive PvP Private Hive server complete with a leaderboard and killfeed. Our community boasts an active forum where registered players can share PvP strategies, set up gear trades and match up players for squad competition.

How do I get access to the Private Hive PvP servers?

Anyone may join the Good vs. Evil Private Hive servers. However, if you want your stats to be tracked, you must register with the web site. Once you register, all kills, deaths, headshots, etc will be tracked and you'll have access to view the leadboards.

Private Hive PvP Server: Battle for Berezino!

IP address: | Port: 2400

This private hive server offers pre-looted and stocked military tents (guns, ammo, essentials) scattered throughout the Berezino costal valley. We've taken the work out of the looting so you can get right into the PvP action! This server resets every two hours and all loot is restored from a previous backup. This is NOT a modded server. We simply use the private backup/restore capabilities of the private server, all within the legal boundaries of Bohemia Interactive's DayZ Private Server Hosting Rules.

GvE Community Discord


Feel free to join our community discord to find other players to squad up with or to speak with an admin.

How do I link my Steam Account for leaderboard tracking?

Linking your Steam account to have your stats appear on the leaderboard is quite simple. Go to Link your Steam and follow the directions. A few notes about Steam account linking:

  • You may link as many Steam accounts as you wish. Each linked account will have stats combined into your GvE member account.
  • You may remove any linked account and stats will no longer accumulate for that account (previous stat contribution from that account will not be removed)
  • Some players with multiple Steam accounts can use this feature to have leaderboard accounts and non-tracked accounts.

    What are the general rules for Good vs. Evil PvP servers?

    All players are encouraged to follow a very acceptable list of rules. If not followed your account could be banned from the server. They include:

  • Player harrassment of any kind will not be tolerated
  • Any form of hacking (ESP, insta-kills, speed hacking) is not allowed and aggressively tracked. Violators will be permabanned.
  • Hiding in building glitches is not allowed
  • Use of glitches that don't provide sigfnicant advantage, such as apple, water-well, ammo cleaning and saline glitches are allowed.
  • Stream sniping is forbidden and will result in a ban.

  • What are the rules of engagement for The Battle for Berezino PvP Server?

    All players MUST obide by the following rules or be banned:

  • No Bambi-Killing - You are NOT ALLOWED to kill any bambi that is out of the play zone that is not visibily armed
  • No Tent Camping - You must not camp a tents interior or around the immediate perimeter
  • No foul, racist or abusive player names - Refrain from naming your character anything that will get you banned!

    How do I report a player that is violating the rules?

    From time to time you will be met with players that violate our server rules and policies. While we try to catch as many offenders as possible, we also prefer to enable our community members with reporting tools for identifying abusers. You can report other players through the following methods:

  • If the player is currently online, go to Online Users and find the abusive player. Next, click on their name (or row) in the list and you can then report them. You must be a registered user to report a player.
  • If you were killed by the player and are not sure if the player is still online or has changed their name, simply go to Kills Involving Me and you'll see a list of all action that your account has been involved with. From here you can click on a player's name and report them.
  • You can also view all action for the last 24 hours by visiting Last 24 Hours of action and click on a player's name to report them.

    How do I appeal a ban?

    If you find your account has been banned, fear not! We have a ban appeal process which often can result in bans being removed. In order to appeal a ban we require you to join the GvE community discord located here: discord.gg/39s8J8T

  • After joining, go to the text channel called "#GvE-Ban-Appeals"
  • Request an admin and offer up any information that perhaps could be related to your case
  • An admin will review your appeal and provide a response.
  • The appeal process could take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days, depending on circumstances of the investigation.

    Where are the "Hot Zones" of PvP activity?

    Coastal PvP is what this server is all about. You'll find military tents scattered around Elektrozavodsk, Kamyshovo, Solnichniy and Berezino. Each tent you find will contain guns, ammunition and equipment

    How do the PvP leaderboards work?

    The leaderboards are connected to the PvP server's logging system. They operate and are updated in real-time. When a player dies or a kill is made, the player's stats are updated immediatey to reflect that event. All kills, deaths, headshots, shots, hits and knock-outs are recorded and tracked. We have a number of leaderboards which are updated with each stat and roll-up to the top 25 players at specific times. We currently support the following leaderboards:

  • All Time / Top 100 - This leaderboard never resets. It's the total accumulation of stats for all time.
  • Daily - Resets at midnight every day
  • Weekly - Resets at midnight every Sunday
  • Monthly - Resets at midnight on the last day of the month

  • You must be registered on GVEPVP.COM and have the Steam accounts you want tracked linked in order for your stats to reflect in the leaderboads. To link your Steam accounts, please visit: Link My Steam

    What if I have multiple DayZ accounts?

    We track all of your stats based on the Steam account that is connected to the server. Each account can be linked and all stats are accumulated and aggregated under your GvE Member ID. You can also unlink accounts to remove future stat tracking. Players in the same house or office that share an IP will be able to accumulate their own stats as we no longer track by IP.

    How do I receive a Squad Invite?

    Squad invitations currently are sent to your registered email address. This will probably change in the future, but for now, make you tell the member you've invited to check the email they registered with.

    Where are the military tents and what spawns in them?

    After every two hours the server resets and spawns military tents full of loot. Tents can be found in Elektrozavodsk, Kamyshovo, Solnichniy and Berezino. You might even find some tents scattered in between each of the major cities and towns. We generally have most of the available military weapons and military gear available. If you are curious as to which weapons are the most popular and the most punishing, feel free to check out the Last 24 Hours of Weapon Statistics